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Tabasco Interactive

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Tabasco Interactive is an independent studio placed in Katowice, Poland. The team is made out of people with a vast experience in both big and small productions. First project of the company is a platform action game with the Noir atmosphere.

BRUCE, The Game is a production with fast and thrilling action taking place in a dark, hand-drawn mysterious world. Art-design is kept in a neo-noir convention, creating breathtaking sights of neon-lit cities. Bruce, the main hero of the dramatic events taking place in the game, uses a whole range of well-designed weapons, as well as variety of special abilities, which make him a worthy opponent for the evil hiding around every corner.

Nazwa: Tabasco Interactive
[hr] Miasto: Katowice
[hr] Liczba pracowników: 10+
[hr] Wydane gry:
[hr] Strona: http://www.tabascointeractive.com/
[hr] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TabascoInteractive

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