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Awesome Games Studio

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Awesome Games Studio is a two-man indie team of experienced game developers from Poland. We both have decided to leave studios we used to work for to make our own games – games we want to play, rather than games we’re paid to make. And we loved it – just as much as we love playing games.

Marcin Draszczuk is the studio’s programmer, and handles all business-related staff. He started his professional game development career in 2008, when he joined Tate Interactive (known for Kao the Kangaroo series). Two years later, he released his first successful game made in his spare time called Yet Another Zombie Defense – and it allowed him to go indie full time. He likes playing competitive multiplayer games such as Starcraft 2 or League of Legends, and he probably spends too much time doing it.

Andrzej Pasiński is the studio’s 2D artist and animator. His game development career started in 2004 at InImages studio, where he was part of the development team that created Turtix series. Four years later he quit his job and started developing Oozi: Earth Adventure living mostly off his savings. He loves playing all sorts of indie games and also has a passion for running – he’s slowly, but steadily getting ready for his first marathon.

Nazwa: Awesome Games Studio
[hr] Miasto: Kraków
[hr] Liczba pracowników: 2+
[hr] Wydane gry: Oozi: Earth Adventure, Yet Another Zombie Defense, I, Zombie, Avatar Fantasy RPG
[hr] Strona: http://www.awesomegamesstudio.com/
[hr] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AwesomeGamesStudio

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