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Nano Games

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Nano Games Ltd is an independent game development studio based in Cracow, Poland. The company focuses on development of games targeted at a broad worldwide audience. Our goal is to create unique and exciting entertainment experiences by creating innovative and high quality games.

In game development, we use the Nano Engine. It is a full-featured game development solution. Its Game Development Environment (GDE) is designed to foster the process of making games, thanks to an intuitive and flexible interface. The engine has a highly optimized graphics pipeline for OpenGL and a CgFX based shader system; it uses the modern and powerful C# language, makes use of the Bullet Physics Engine and supports all major formats of files ? and these are only a few of its many features.

Nazwa: Nano Games
[hr] Miasto: Kraków
[hr] Liczba pracowników: 10
[hr] Wydane gry: Reef Shot
[hr] Strona: http://www.nano-games.com/
[hr] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nano-Games/168896293175798?fref=ts

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